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The Wet Brush is the single greatest tool a dad can use to battle managing his child’s long hair. When I had full custody of my kids I had to do my daughter’s hair every day. Prior to the Wet Brush being in our lives my tiny, adorable, sweet DEMON of a child would go to war in the mornings battling the knots in her hair. The last thing I want to do is hurt her or pull her hair, but YOU try brushing the thickest wool-like hair in North America and not tugging on a knot or two. Then came the Wet Brush, suggested by one of the dozens of moms who saw the nightmare on my daughter’s tiny head every day. Since then, no fuss, no tangles, it’s insane. How in God’s good name has this product existed so long and I’d never heard of it… that’s right, I have a penis. They don’t market to us. So… Dads… go get the Wet Brush. I have 4: one for my car, each bathroom in my apartment, and one in my daughter’s backpack.

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