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8/10. This is a good flick. Do yourself a favor and go see it. The music is awesome and he choreography is cool as eff as well. Hugh Jackman was very charismatic as the lead character and fantastic in this movie. The message is also very good in my opinion. People are different and you shouldn't judge or dislike them because they look different. I think that this could be a movie for kids as there is a lot of song and dance but there is a fight scene that could scar them. I'd say maybe ages 9 and up. Again go see the movie. I saw it one time and will probably watch it again.

9/10. Easily one of the best Superhero movies out there. It is Awesome in terms of visual effects, soundtrack, characters and over all badassery. Yeah that's a word. I have seen the movie 4 times and it still is a great flick. I would say that it is appropriate for kids 10+ because, although there is a lot of violence, there isn't blood and gore or nudity or cursing etc. It is pretty clean and it is awesome. If you are curious what the other best Superhero movies are... stay tuned.

7/10. This was a pretty good movie with a great lead actress. I thought she played a very convincing character and one that I ended up rooting for. The story was told very well and every time I was wondering why something was happening or I wanted more backstory...boom a back story or narration explained it. The pace of the movie was also pleasant and I didn't feel like there was an dead time. Overall not a movie for the kids as it deals with adult themes and gambling. I might watch this a couple times.

7/10. A friend told me to watch this and I was pleasantly surprised. It was a powerful film and acting all around was top notch. I can easily see why Frances Mcdormand won best actress for her role. She was a straight crazy badass lady. Anyways there was a few twists and turns that I don't expect and kept my attention and interest every second. One thing I wasn't particularly happy with was the spoilers but decide for yourself. I probably won't watch the movie ever again because it was a very emotionally charged topic and you really have to be in a different mood to watch something like this again. But overall I would say this is a movie you should watch. Do not watch with the kids as the whole plot line deals with a rape and no kids please.

8/10. Easily one of the best movies of 2017. A gritty story of a normal successful guy who makes a mistake and goes to prison and then does what is needed to survive. This is a brilliantly told story full of suspense and great acting all around. his is definitely not a kids movie and be warned this movie really goes into prison life. I have seen the movie twice and may watch it again.

5/10. I just didn't buy it. I am not one to really frown on casting because those people know what they are doing... but I just didn't buy Matthew McConaughey as the lead in this. It seemed like he was his normal character dressed as another guy. So that really threw the movie off for me. The story was really good and it was told well with a lot of twists and turns and an interesting ending that I really liked. I may watch it again but I just didn't buy it totally. Watch it and tell me what you think.

4/10. Pacific Rim II. EFFFFFFFF! I was so pumped to see this since I really liked the first movie. The first movie by no means was an epic Shawshank redemptionesque flick but it was visually stunning, entertaining and kickass. I mean I have watched it a good 15 times at least. I had high hopes for this one. Stick to what got you there guys. That being said. This movie was pretty terrible. It had good action sequence like the first movie but it embarrassed itself with 10 different human subplots that never developed and fragmented the movie. It tried to be emotional and show human frailty and back stories etc... come on guys these are huge freaking robots fighting aliens with cool weapons...stick to that. EFFFFF!!!!!! I mean this can be for kids if they saw the first one NO cursing or sex or really any blood. There are alien monsters sooo maybe scary. I wouldn't waist money on going to the theatres..just wait till it comes out and rent it. 

6/10. Pitch Perfect 3... Yeah they made a 3rd one after the terrible 2nd one. This final installment seemed to go back to the basics...good music. There was an abundance of music both acapella and instrumental. Awesome vocals and performance. I will probably watch again because of those elements. The story...meh. I mean I would say that probably 40% of the film was just trying to get to the next part where they perform so the story didn't need to be great...or even believable. To tell the truth I am not sure what the movie was about other than they go on tour for the troops and battle other musicians. The first Pitch was best. This Pitch was good and the second Pitch was a ball in the dirt... see what I did there? Kid friendly about 7 and up I think because Fat Amy says some stuff.

5/10. The Post. Great Actors team up to take on a historical event. Wow. UNGODLY slow moving. Even the suspenseful parts where the pace picked up it immediately slowed down. I get that maybe the director wanted to give the audience a feeling of how intense the time was but it was uncomfortably slow and limited dialog to keep things going. I am glad that I watched it because I made me look at the whole story on my own...but you are not missing anything. Not for kids because they won't sit through it.

7/10. 12 Strong. First off, Thank you to our service men and women for being willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so that we can be safe. This movie was very good. All that you would expect from a well done movie depicting soldiers and their missions. Great story and the fact that it was based on a true story was even better. The one thing that I also liked about the movie was how they showed the sacrifices that military spouses undergo. Solid movie. Not for kids Ill probably watch this 1 or 2 more times.

8/10. Only the Brave. Lets just say it... I cried. This movie puts you right into it. I feel like it was realistic depiction of the day to day of fire fighters and the training that bonds them all together. The action sequences were paced well and it felt very real the entire movie. I have seen this movie 3 times minus the ending because I save myself from crying. I would say this is really a flick you should watch. Maybe not for younger kids but teenagers yeah for sure.

3/10. The Commuter. When will Liam Neeson stop doing the same movie. It was the same poop different title with different camera angles. The CGI was sooooo bad I almost turned it off. I would say that if you saw any of his other have seen this one. Plus he is getting old so the fight scenes were sped up artificially so that it didn't look super slow.

7/10. Den of Thieves. Good all around flick. I would say that this is Heat meets Oceans 11. Good group of actors who really pulled off this gritty movie. Other than a 10 minute subplot this was action packed, engaging and a very entertaining show. I would probably watch his a couple times. Not suitable for kids at all. 

7/10. Black Panther. I have had some time to think about this a lot and I have to say that I was caught up in the hype of the movie. Everyone was telling me it is the best movie and it is awesome, so I went in expecting it to be top tier Marvel movie. I will say, while it was a good wasn't as good as advertised. As a stand alone movie it was underwhelming. I just didn't buy a lot of the technological advancements were due to this metal that turned them into a freaking star trek like society. Didn't land for me. Other than that, there was an unbelievable supporting cast that were just as bad ass as the main character, the wardrobe was amazing and the battle scenes were well done. Ill see it again for sure and maybe then it will creep a bit higher for me. Definitely a must watch.

5/10.Game Night. Fun, entertaining, predictable. While it was not a new idea or new plot line. The odd cat of characters makes this funny and watchable. Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman do have some on screen chemistry as he plays the loving husband well and she is the girl next-door type. If you don't see this movie you won't be missing anything, but if you do watch it you will laugh a couple times and will be entertained. 

3/10.Everybody Wants Some. Supposed to be the Dazed and Confused of a new generation and it failed miserably. I mean I suffered through this flick. Acting, casting, story, and the dialog was so bad because they tried to recapture Dazed and Confused. I mean they had basically every character from Dazed and Confused but built around a terrible story. Please do not watch this. 

9/10.Avengers Infinity War. Yeah this shit was awesome. So many characters. So many separate stories you would think that it would be too much or muddled. NOPE. Lives up to the hype and fit so well into the Marvel universe and the 20 something movies they have done. The first Avengers was great, Ultron was so so, this one kicks ass. Do yourself a favor and watch it.

4/10.Death Wish. Ok so we have all seen these movies before and as a Dad I can totally get on board with the story. However, Bruce totally phoned this one in. He looked disinterested in most of the movie and I just didn't buy any of it. That being said some of the action portions were good and shot well. If you don't see this...just watch Commando and forget this was ever made.

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